LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE – CONSTRUCTIONS has been involved in the construction industry for more than a century. Established in 1920, on the island of Tinos, the company has a long history in the building sector.  Grandfather Salvaras constructed the first bridges which connected the town (Chora) to the northern villages (Exo Meria) as well as the construction of the popular stone outbuildings, known as Kelia.

In the beginning, the office was primarily involved in civil engineering undertaking public works and private buildings such as pigeon houses, kelia, hotels, residences and other large buildings.

The company was handed down to the brothers Manolis and Ioannis Louvaris who maintained and developed the family vision. A few years later, Dimitrios Louvaris took the reins bringing his unique innovative spirit to the company.  As a result, the range of activities has been extended and more ambitious projects are brought to fruition. Today the company specializes in the field of architectural, static & engineering studies – holiday houses, hotel units,residential complexes simultaneously dealing in real estate management.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  As the company is local and with local knowledge it also undertakes building restorations and repairs.
Real estate management is another significant field of activity; LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE – CONSTRUCTIONS provides full service such as rental – maintenance and the resale of   property.

To sum up, it is responsible for all phases of construction, right from the planning and study to the construction and on site supervision.  The goal of the company is to deliver   completed, functional, aesthetically pleasing projects which live up to the client’s expectations.  To this end, the company boasts a highly specialized group of dedicated professionals, who are able to successfully undertake even the most demanding projects. Consequently, the client’s dream home is realized.




We are here for anything you may need, providing services which aim at making your life easier.
Respect to human and the environment. This is the fundamental factor in every new construction.
Long experience is combined with deep knowledge thus creating the ideal recipe for successful projects.
“LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE – CONSTRUCTIONS” wishes to maintain steady relations with all of its partners.

Promotional Events

In order to promote our company, we participate in a number of social events, either as sponsors or as participants. For instance, in 2010 we were major sponsors and organizers of the Beach Volley which took place for the first time in Tinos and was aimed at promoting the island.

Additionally, wishing to remain up-to-date with all new methods and trends, we participate in international and domestic expositions such as MIPIM (2008) and the Congress of Real Estate in Paris (2014).

Finally, we closely cooperate with the National Tourist Organization of France so as to promote Tinos and Greece in general. 



Field of activity

Exceeding the strict limits of design and realization of a residence or a professional project, we provide efficient consulting services which will take the client’s initial idea… one step further. For “LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE – CONSTRUCTIONS” architecture is a form of art reflected on paper which consequently gives shape and form to an idea which may have seemed abstract in the beginning. In other words, we “capture” undefined ideas on paper and refine them

The erection of a building involves many skills; knowledge, experience, perception, organization and technique. Construction must be carried out properly and efficiently in order to please the client ‘LOUVARIS TECHNICAL OFFICE-CONSTRUCTION’ is responsible for helping you create your dream home with trustworthiness, reliability and honesty.

Dealing with realty has never been easier. We handle properties in the whole Aegean, always seeking to find you the home of your fantasies or to sell your current abode. We pay particular attention to your needs and efficiently and judiciously carry out your instructions




We respect the past and by bringing it into the present we can ensure that it will continue into the future. Using our team of professionals and all the most modern techniques we preserve the beauty and aesthetics of any space adapting it to contemporary needs.



Your home could not be in be more professional hands. Whether you are leaving for months or just a short period we take care of your home like it was our own. You can rest assured it will be exactly as you left it on your return.



Our team

The man behind the multifaceted repute of the company. He has years of experience in
His extensive hands on experience is valuable in all phases of a construction. His broad
 Maria is the Secretary of the company. She is responsible for the management of the office as
For Aris,our architect  each new project is a new challenge which is treated as a composition of
Our interior designer Vasilis is responsible for making a space more beautiful. Keeping up with
Stamatoula is our accountant .The financial mind of the company. Numbers and analysis pass through