Using a hand-picked team of professionals, we develop innovative concepts around the client’s initial ideas. We discuss all the practicalities of each new project with our client and then produce a viable plan. A thorough architectural study is after all the most important factor in the smooth progress of any construction. The interior design requires just as much attention as it will provide character and style to the space and Incorporating current trends in the selection of furniture and unique objects, will showcase the space in the best possible way. 



We are committed to the development of a building, being responsible for all phases of its conception. From the completion of forms and their submission to the public services, to the overall supervision and coordination of the crew at the construction site to ensure that the project is completed in a timely, efficient manner. Other services include:

  •  Legal advice
  •  Bank liaison for loans / mortgages
  •  Real estate and re sale

 All of our constructions are in keeping with the contemporary needs of daily life while at the same time they blend in seamlessly with local Cycladic architecture in harmony with the topical landscape.



Buying and selling of property or land need no longer be a nightmare for you anymore. Our company undertakes to find the best residence for you, either to buy or to rent, which will be exactly as you have envisaged it, in the most suitable location, always fulfilling your needs. In addition, should you wish to sell your land or property we will complete the sale with your best interests in mind.



Our company undertakes to manage your property for you following your instructions. Close your doors and leave the island rest assured that your property and interests are being taken care of. On your return finding your home exactly as you left it.

A complete team of technicians is available to offer its services, both for indoor and outdoor spaces. From the garden to the cleaning of the house, we carry out any maintenance or minor works including (plumbing, maintenance of pergolas, water deposit tanks, time switches, airing, checking of electrical installations and bill settlement.)  frequent checks are carried out to ensure that everything remains in perfect order.  



We can renovate or restore your space according to the demands of modern life and design. Our company employs an amazing team of specialists all dedicated to improving your building regardless of its age. We will transform your space providing a breath of fresh air and modernity.